Brand Guidelines


Graphics standards guidelines are an absolute necessity for identity management. They document the carefully controlled use of typography and graphic elements that have been established. The visual identity helps strengthen and distinguish the recognition value of the name SkyBitz and the graphic symbols that are associated with it. The more consistently the elements are used, the stronger the visual identity created.

Who Should Receive and Use This Guide?

It is important that those who will be producing, reproducing or utilizing materials that feature the identity be equipped with the branding & identity guidelines:

  • Marketing/advertising/design firms or freelancers
  • Communicators/writers/public relations personnel
  • Print vendors/sign fabricators
  • Sales and business unit staff
  • Business partners & suppliers
  • Web, SEO, online advertising agencies
  • Industry tradeshows and events

Reproducing the Identity

Always reproduce the SkyBitz identity using the official artwork provided. Never recreate the identity from scratch or alter any part of the logo provided. If there are questions as to what artwork should be used, please contact the Marketing Department.



Primary Palette

SkyBitz Black


426 C


81, 67, 55, 83


33, 31, 33



SkyBitz Blue


3005 C


95, 25, 0, 0


0, 136, 221



SkyBitz Black may be substituted for 100 K (flat black) in cases where a multi-color black is not available or smaller sizes require a single color.

Secondary Web Palette











Light Gray



Brand Typeface


To be used in all print and electronic media applications.

Calibre can be licensed from Klim Type Foundry


For use in large headlines and emphasis


For use in body copy


For use in large headlines and large body copy

Backup Typeface


In cases where Calibre is not available, Arial should be used as the backup typeface.






Photography is a great way to express the tone of SkyBitz. The images we choose to align with our brand communicate both our culture as well as our technical products.

Primary Photography

Primary photography used in marketing material should feature products in the field, in an outdoor environment. These shots should focus on a single subject, (i.e. one tank, one trailer, one vehicle) and always include a landscape scene, such as images that feature large portions of the sky in the background. Remember that this can be supported with secondary photography and iconography, so we don’t have to fit every possible product or subject into one shot.

Secondary Photography

Secondary photography is used to show specific products such as hardware, software screenshots, or assets. These should be photographed or photoshopped against a white background, using an angle that will best express the function of that product or asset.

Illustration & Iconography

Illustrations and icons can be used on both marketing materials and products to help enhance the understanding and usability of the product.

Illustrations are larger drawings that can contain more detail and fill a larger space (see left example above). These drawings should use a thin gray stroke as the primary form but can be accented with filled shapes using SkyBitz Blue.

Smaller illustrations (center) in marketing material can also be drawn using a thin gray stroke but may omit filled shapes to enhance legibility at a smaller size.

In cases where icons are used to enhance a user interface in digital products, filled shape icons (right) are encouraged. In this case, you use the full set of SkyBitz colors to imply functionality, (i.e. green save button, red cancel button).

Stationary & Templates

Stationery, letterhead, and digital presentations are designed to display identity and informational elements in a consistent fashion, with flexibility to accommodate a variety of information and formats.

Promotional Items

Promotional items are designed to build brand awareness and are usually produced in large quantities for mass commercial distribution. It is important that any promotional item being developed be approved by the Marketing Department as they are the Owners of the SkyBitz brand. For questions relating to promotional material, please contact Director of Marketing, Mitchell Olszewski.

Brand Hierarchy

Parent Company


Business Unit


Subsidiary Brand/Customer Facing Mark



Success as a Service

  • AMETEK is the parent company of the various SkyBitz subsidiaries and Telular Corporation. AMETEK, Inc. (NYSE: AME) is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annualized sales of approximately $4.8 billion.

  • Telular Corporation is a business unit of AMETEK, Inc.

  • SkyBitz Inc. and SkyBitz Tank Monitoring Corporation are wholly owned subsidiaries of Telular Corporation.

  • SkyBitz Petroleum Logistics, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of SkyBitz Inc.

What does this mean to SkyBitz employees?

Currently, SkyBitz continues to operate as wholly owned subsidiary brands and, therefore, all commercial communications lead with the SkyBitz brand alone. There is no need to include AMETEK and/or Telular Corporation unless requested by the Marketing, Finance or Legal Departments.

Below are some examples of when the above descriptions of AMETEK and/or the Telular brand may be used in written or verbal communications: Distributing materials or speaking on behalf of SkyBitz, Telular and/or AMETEK with the media or analyst community; Negotiating contracts with partners, suppliers, and/or customers.

For questions relating to our Brand Guide, please contact Director of Marketing, Mitchell Olszewski. Download the AMETEK brand elements and logo by visiting this link, Corporate and Brand Identity Standards.

Product Lines (External) Trailer & Asset Tracking Fleet Management Tank Monitoring Petroleum Dispatch & Delivery
Hardware Wireless Node Sensor SA Series Series 90 SMARTruck
Wireless Multi-Sensor DT Series Series 95
Falcon GXT Series Falcon GXT Series Foresight
Galaxy GTP Series
Accessories Compliance MDT SMARTruck printers
Temperature sensor Elogs
The Plus One
The Starter Disable
Data Platforms InSight
(includes SmartTrailer)
Ops Center SMARTank SMARTruck
Mobile Apps SkyBitz Tools Ops Center SMARTank SMARTruck Mobile
SkyBitz Tools
Service Tiers Economy Ultra Lite Duty
Premium Lite Duty
Asset Medium Duty

About the Brand

SkyBitz provides customers with intelligent asset tracking and data analytics solutions that improve workflow and drive profitability. With over 30 years of experience in commercial telematics, our products have revolutionized the way customers in the transportation and logistics industries do business. We continue to expand, building on our reputation for what we do best: delivering exceptional customer experiences, enabling us to extend our market share in a dynamic, competitive landscape.

We are SkyBitz. We share a passion for delivering smart, data-driven technology paired with outstanding customer service. We are problem solvers that work side-by-side with our customers over the long haul to continually monitor asset visibility, enhance operating efficiencies, reduce costs, and help customers increase margins.

We’re committed to doing what’s right. Respect and integrity are deeply ingrained in our culture, employees, and the customer relationships we keep. Our measure of success is the success of our customers, who benefit at a much higher level than just operational efficiencies – they reap the rewards of better asset and capital utilization, which leads to bottom-line performance.

Backed by the financial strength of AMETEK, we are strong and investing in our customer’s future. This is a great time to be a part of SkyBitz – as an employee, as a business partner and most importantly as a valued customer.

Description of Services

SkyBitz Inc. provides transportation and logistics industries real-time asset tracking and data analytics from sensors and remote monitoring solutions, enabling its customers to make the best business decisions to impact their bottom line. SkyBitz Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telular Corporation, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc. AMETEK Inc. (NYSE: AME) is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annualized sales of approximately $5 billion.


Trailer & Asset Tracking

For trailers, containers, and remote assets of all types, SkyBitz helps companies drive profitability across their entire operation by implementing smart sensors and monitoring technology. Streamline drivers, minimize theft, consolidate inventory, and improve delivery data for customers using real-time business intelligence.

Petroleum Dispatch & Delivery

Designed by fuel marketers for petroleum, lubricant, and propane customers, SkyBitz offers a digital logistics platform that helps control costs while managing your entire distribution and dispatch business. Improve your operation using seamless digital technology built for the petroleum market.

Fleet Management

For today’s business-centric fleet managers, SkyBitz provide smart solutions that maximize margins while ensuring safety and compliance. Our integrated solutions work with your current systems to improve the profitability of your fleet operation, regardless of fleet size or type.

Tank Monitoring

SkyBitz provides real-time tank monitoring solutions that improve operational workflow and increase route efficiency. With applications designed to aggregate data from tanks of all shapes and sizes, our robust software was designed for customers across multiple industries including gas, water, chemical and petroleum. With SkyBitz solutions, you can achieve operational efficiency and increase profit margins.

Core Statements

Value Proposition

(What will you do for me?)

Remote-knowledge data solutions that inspire confident decisions and lead to increased profitability.


Helping companies to improve financial performance and operational returns by using powerful IoT technologies.


Enabling the performance of organizations around the world using smart sensors and remote monitoring solutions.


Develop technology and solutions that drive customer profitability through innovative products, knowledgeable experts, and committed customer partnerships.

Core Attributes


Data needs to be accurate and meaningful. Our customers rely on us to always deliver.

Customer Passionate

What drives our success is our fixation on the success of our customers.


Quality is a given. Our hardware is durable, and our software is well engineered.


Problem solving is a critical skill that our customers demand and that distinguishes us in the market.


We think before we act. We understand business and technology and focus on what matters.


Because we make both the hardware and the software, our installations are easy, our data integrates well with enterprise systems.

Name Usage

SkyBitz” should always be treated in Title Case in text with the B capitalized.


Want to learn more about SkyBitz solutions?


Want to learn more about Skybitz solutions?

URLs are always lowercase:

The https://www. prefix should be avoided as it adds unnecessary length and formality in the communication.


Visit us at


Visit us at

If we need to reference our relationship to our parent company, we say

SkyBitz Inc. and SkyBitz Tank Monitoring Corporation are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Telular Corporation.

SkyBitz Petroleum Logistics, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SkyBitz Inc.

Telular Corporation is business unit of AMETEK, Inc.


Introducing SmartTrailer by SkyBitz. SkyBitz is a subsidiary of Telular Corporation, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc.


SkyBitz introduces SmartTrailer, a Telular and AMETEK brand.

Avoid overuse of our brand name and branded terms, specifically when we’ve already established context that it’s us, SkyBitz. Oftentimes, “we”, “us”, or “our,” are more appropriate substitutes.


We’re committed to delivering the best experience to our customers.


SkyBitz is committed to delivering the best experience to their customers.

Voice & Tone

Use the Active Voice

Using the active voice shows that we are action-oriented. The passive voice undermines our message of “we do, we can, we are here for you.”


We provide…


SkyBitz provides…

Speak in the First Person

When we speak or write in the first person, we take responsibility for what we are saying and appear confident as a result.


I will send you all of the necessary information.


You will be provided with all of the necessary information.


Don’t be afraid of facts and figures.

If facts or figures support a claim, use them in a compelling manner. We appear knowledgeable and confident when we support what we are saying with data and/or numbers.

Writing Tips

We understand the industry our customers are used to: one muddled by hyperbolic language, upsells, and over-promises. We strip all that away and value clarity and conciseness above all. We aim high but remain grounded in what matters most: our service and our customers.

Three tones that convey the SkyBitz Brand:


  • Clear
  • Straightforward
  • Easy to understand

Communicate clearly and avoid overly complicated words without being condescending and cold. Inform in a simple, precise manner.


  • Helpful
  • Friendly
  • Assuring

Listen and understand the needs of the prospect or customer. Offer solutions and assurance to the industry problems they face.


  • Positive
  • Informative
  • Responsible

Our communications should convey the idea that “we make your business run better”.